Another US Navy Fighter Jet Crashes in The Philippine Sea

On Sunday, November 12, a US Navy fighter jet had a mechanical issue while it went on routine operations. The F/A-18 Hornet crashed in the Philippine Sea which is also south of the Japanese island of Okinawa – where US Military bases are. According to reports on the incident, two of its pilots were forced to eject when the jet had malfunctioned. They were immediately rescued and evaluated at the USS Ronald Reagan. The Japanese coastguard also checked for any debris on the sea or oil from the crash, according to the AFP news.

Meanwhile, the said crash is already under investigation, and other sailors are also under drug investigation by the US Navy since there have been some crashes this year. The latest incident that occurred before this was just last October when a stealth fighter crashed in one of their training and a Navy helicopter which also hit on the flight deck on the Ronald Reagan after a failed takeoff. This caused injury of 12 sailors.

This again has caused millions of dollars, and a part of it is the United States’ most expensive armory to be ever recorded in history. Resulting from international partners in suspending operations for a thorough inspection.

For most these types of incidents is just part of the training which is only a glimpse of what is really about to happen in the battlefield. Hence, the need to check not only the aircraft but also on our people who are serving to avoid failure in the future. Our troops are our shield, and they have to be regularly evaluated physically and mentally. We never know what these events have caused in their emotional health.

The crash of the F/A-18 was labeled as nothing serious nor life-threatening because there were no casualties involved. But for some, there is something more than just material possession under the US Navy that has failed; and the question lies on how the quality of the aircraft and their people are being assessed. With the series of failed attempts on takeoff, it is now time to do a serious investigation and assessment.

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