Trump And His Wife Called A ‘Rain Check’ On the 100th Anniversary Of WWI

The world just celebrated the centennial anniversary of World War I in Paris, France with the presence of leaders from different places. This is to honor our soldiers who took part and braved themselves to save the future of many. Many lives were sacrificed and many families suffered the loss of their loved ones.

American President Donald Trump and wife Melania Trump was scheduled to be at the ceremony that day but called on a rain check due to inclement weather accordingly. This then caused a lot of people and other leaders to criticize their absence. While some endured the ‘rainy weather’ to fulfill their purpose of coming to France, the president and his wife stayed in their hotel just a few distances from the venue.

David Frum, a Canadian-American political commentator, said in his official Twitter account the President and his wife traveled to Paris to watch TV in their hotel room rather than to pay their respect to the American soldiers who fought in the World War 100 years ago.
Kelly Magsamen who is a Pentagon official in Obamas and Bush’s administration couldn’t agree more to the people’s criticisms on the president’s actions. She said in a tweet that Obama would never dare skip anything like this just because it is rainingand that he even visited troops in different war zones.

The Aisne-Marne American Cemetery is where most of the American soldiers are buried. Accordingly, there are 2,288 graves, and 1,060 names of American soldiers are engraved on walls. It is sad that the current American president could not even take a look at the people who fought for everyone’s freedom including his.

It is an inexcusable reason to cancel his attendance to this important commemoration of the World War I fighters, but he still did. People are now wondering why it was too hard for him and his wife to be present. Other high officials who traveled miles attended the event and did not complain about the weather. Another day has passed, and the only thing that they can receive out of this are criticisms from people around the globe.

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