Michelle Obama Shares About Her Miscarriage In Her Book “Becoming”

Michelle Obama spoke about her miscarriage 20 years ago. She told Good Morning America that she had been feeling lonely and lost since her miscarriage happened. This is something she hid for so long. But now Mrs. Obama has spoken about it boldly in her memoir “Becoming” which is set to be released on Tuesday. In her book, she talks about her life, family, marriage, and politics. This one of the most awaited books in political history as it ranks as the best-seller on Amazon.

On her miscarriage, she mentioned how it had crippled her to open up about it since she felt like couples do not usually discuss it. She said that she suffered the feeling of being a failure and acknowledge that feeling of brokenness due to this event in her life and marriage.

The pain a mother feels for her lost child can never equal to any pain an ordinary person would feel. It is the death of a supposed ‘bundle of joy’— the death of what could have been happiness. Millions of women around the world could tell how it pains them to lose a child and she is one of them. As she writes boldly about her unwanted phase in life, she wishes to reach women of the same circumstances. Mrs. Obama also revealed that they had their 2 children, Sasha and Malia, through in-vitro fertilization.

In her book, she not only shared about her sadness and grief about her miscarriage but she also shared about her falling in love, their first kiss, and how it all started. How she met her husband and how she coped up being one of America’s first lady for years – something that is now written in books for a lifetime.

Mrs. Obama also opened up about her thoughts on racism which she experienced first-hand from people around the globe. Being America’s first black first lady did not come that easy on her. She and her family had to deal with years of agony, but now with all pride and confidence, she has found her peace knowing that they have made a significant impact on the nations. Brave enough to face fears and the norm.

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