Japanese Journalist Freed After 3 Years of Captivity in Syria

Jumpei Yasuda a Japanese journalist has been finally freed after more than 3 years of being captive in Syria. He was released by the captors in Syria on Tuesday and accordingly he was brought at the border in Turkey and was handed off to the authorities immediately. On Thursday, the journalist has returned to his home in Tokyo and was greeted by his wife and his favorite rice balls handmade by his mother. There were no lengthy interviews done upon his arrival at Tokyo. He said to give full details on his captivity to the media soon.

Yasuda is a 44-year-old Japanese journalist who was kidnapped in Syria in 2015 by the Al-Qaida. In a statement, he described his experience as hell as he has been tortured physically and emotionally for nearly 40 months. There was even a time when he was not allowed to take his bath, he said. All his journaling equipment were also taken away by the captors which made him furious and incapable of recording anything on video or paper.
According to reports, Syria is one of the most difficult and dangerous places to do journaling, broadcasting and the like. Lives of hardworking reporters are always at stake, and it is not something new to encounter, and this has been the challenge ever since.

Yasuda was taken a hostage in 2004 along with other 3 Japanese journalists, but their reporting equipment was not taken away. He has also witnessed kidnapping and deaths of co-journalists in the past. Luckily, he was freed and is safely home today. He is just pleased to be back and enjoying his rice ball as his first Japanese meal after his extended stay in Syria.

The newly freed journalist is now on rest with his family after all the trauma and experience he had in Syria. He said he never thought that he could still come back since it already felt like every day was his last day on earth.

This act of bravery to do their passion on journalism has been a heroic job for the people, but sadly they still had received criticisms by the Japanese regarding their captivity saying that they brought shame and hassle to the government.

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