Former News Anchor Maria Elvira Salazar to Run for Congress

Maria Elvira Salazar, a former news anchor, is now running for Congress. She worked as an American journalist and broadcaster for Telemundo, a Spanish-language network for 3 decades. She also worked with other systems like CNN Español, Mega TV, and Univision.

She proposes that the Republicans should embrace the fact that there are Hispanics and other nationalities in the country who are undocumented who are in need of legality. Her heart is to help people particularly the Hispanics and speak up for them.

These group of people living in America have been racially discriminated and unwelcomed for a long time now. This is what urged her to run and fight for them. Her parents were also once Cuban refugees who have now settled in the country.

One of her policy proposals is to take immediate response on authorization for undocumented immigrants. She believes that America should be a home for people who have suffered in their countries and have now lived years in America but remain undocumented. Salazar also proposes a permanent solution to this type of problems.

Another move that Salazar would want to have is having programs in schools that will implement strict monitoring of students with behavioral disorders regarding cases on school shooting and violence. She is one of those who believe in the fact that “guns don’t shoot themselves” and this needs to be resolved.

Salazar said that her previous job made her known to the people who are where she got her votes and her confidence to run for Congress. She also said that she already has a place in the hearts of the American people and she has nothing to prove further.

Salazar wants to do something different now, and that is to partner with the government. Accordingly, she has always been quiet about her political views, but soon she has already announced it to the public that she shares the same with the Republicans.

People throughout history prefers men in Congress, but this time, women want a “seat in Congress,” and Maria Elvira Salazar is one of them. Salazar hopes to replace Republican Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen if she wins.

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