Sen. Grassley To Call On A Criminal Investigation On One Of Kavanaugh’s Accuser and Attorney

The accusations on Kavanaugh regarding sexual misconduct and drinking which took place in 1985 has not yet ended. Just this week, Sen. Chuck Grassley asks the Justice Department to do a criminal investigation against one of Brett Kavanaugh’s accuser Julie Swetnick and her attorney Michael Avenatti.

In a testimony given by Swetnick regarding her public accusations on Kavanaugh, last September has been denied by Kavanaugh saying that he never met her and he never knew who this woman was. Her claims on Kavanaugh was that she had observed him in the early 1980s being drunk and inappropriately communicating with women at over 10 house parties.

She said that Kavanaugh had excessively drunk in parties in their time which caused him to be aggressive towards women. This is something that people and the accused have found ridiculous among all the accusations made on him. Brett Kavanaugh already admitted that he liked alcohol in his younger years but that was just part of his youth, and he would never have seen all these coming.

Swetnick’s testimony has seemed to be misleading and irrelevant which led Senator Grassley to call on a criminal investigation against her and her attorney. Her accusations on Kavanaugh could be false statements against him according to the senator. He also felt that this has been unfair for Kavanaugh since her comment about the case is just somewhat another political attack.

Meanwhile, her attorney Michael Avenatti said in a tweet that the senator has never shown his concern during the start of the investigation and finds it ironic that he is doing something about it now. This could be another political act since the elections are nearing. The attorney added that they welcome the investigation that is to be done on them. After all, everyone wants to hear the truth.

Julie Swetnick is Kavanaugh’s third accuser regarding this issue which happened in 1985. The other women who accused him of a similar matter were Christine Blasey Ford and Deborah Ramirez who said that he sexually communicated with her when they were still students at Yale University also in the 1980s. These were all denied by Kavanaugh.

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