Rockets Bid For Jimmy Butler

Jimmy Butler

The Houston Rockets gave the defending champions a fight in the Western Conference Finals last post-season, they looked like the team that would win it all, not anymore.

Starting the season with 3 losses and a win against a Laker team that still is finding their chemistry, I guess it was some sort of a gimme. The Rockets are going all out on filling in the gaps that last off seasons loss on wing defenders in Trevor Ariza and Luc MbahAMoute role played last season and surprisingly replaced those guys with a, at this point a has-been in Carmelo Anthony who is playing a lot of minutes without producing anything as efficient in terms of ratio of salary.

They have just offered the Minnesota Timberwolves an offer that is so ridiculous to think that history wouldn’t repeat itself as a transaction like this happened 3 years ago that destroyed the future of the Brooklyn Nets and what made the Boston Celtics today when trading for 2 aging, future hall of famers in Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce along with other players for the Net’s 2014, 2016 and 2018 first-round picks. Now in a desperate move to still be contenders for the NBA title, they just offered the Wolves 4 future first-round picks for Jimmy Butler, that’sfour years of balls deep commitment to the current stars you have on your roster, if one or more of them won’t come back you won’t have any assets to rebuild or trade for another franchise player.

Coming off of a franchise-record season in wins with 65, best record in the NBA, a win away from an NBA Finals appearance and their best player winning the MVP award, the Rockets are in a situation where they have to win now, or never get the chance to in a while. Trading for Jimmy Butler is the best option for the Rockets to beat the Warriors in the west, Butler will be their 3rd option on offense, an iso-threat and they badly need a wing defender and Butler is one of the best. Next to James Harden, reigning MVP and Chris Paul, they will have a line-up that could definitely dethrone the Warriors.

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