Facebook Fined By UK For For Failing To Protect User Data

The popular social media has been fined by the Information Commissioner’s Office in the United Kingdom at £500,000 ($644,000). ICO even said that there could be a possibility that they will be fine of up to £1.2bn under the new regulatory system. The reason for this is that Facebook allows third-party developers to have access to user information without enough consent.

The result follows after an investigation was made in using of data analytics for political purposes. United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office found out on Thursday that the personal information of at least 1 million UK users of the popular Facebook was among the ones accumulated data and was said put at risk of misusing it. ICO sees that Facebook has disregarded the safety of the users’ personal information.

According to ICO, the correspondent data that was processed between 2007 and 2014 was accessible to third-party developers without even the permission from the owners of the data from Facebook. Facebook has failed to keep personal information to be secured and safe. Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham stated that Facebook has been unable to obtain enough and protect the personal data of the users, during and after the unlawful processing of this data. A big and famous social media company like them should be aware, equipped and should have known better on this kind of situation.

One of this incident happened when one developer Aleksandr Kogan was able to persuade 300,000 people to install a personality testing application that fed back the Facebook data of both users and their friends. With that, it gave him access to harvest profiles of up to 87 million people worldwide without them knowing it.

Another one is a firm called Cambridge Analytica which they found out that they were already involved in a Facebook data scandal earlier this year. They have found out that their company was used to share data gathered from the social network’s users to target political advertising in the U.S.

All are already under investigation and fears of facing a record fine once the result of the investigation is released.

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