NBA Regular Season’s 1ST Week – Part 2

A lot is happening in just 1 week of hoops in the 2018-2019 regular season that only one part won’t do it justice, so here’s part 2.

Warriors: 4 – 1, Spicy Curry is sizzling, going all out for 51 points in 11 of 13 three-pointers just another day in the office without even playing in the fourth quarter. The Wizards team was left dazzled by the shots put up by Curry and just left wondering ‘What can I do?’, Well, you could always do the Zaza on him. Durant on Curry “He did such a good job of staying aggressive and shooting good shots, not just coming down shooting heat-checks every time,” just shows how mature Curry’s game and mentality is, I mean if I were that hot and new that I was that good, I’d just hurl the ball anytime I got the chance to no matter the situation. Kudos to the defending champs but we still have to see if Cousins would blow the season out like everybody is thinking.

Rockets: 1-3, After the brawl against the Lakers’ point guard Rajon Rondo and forward Brandon Ingram that led to the suspension of their superstar point guard in Chris Paul, they lost two in a row and since the start of the season they heavily played Carmelo Anthony who’s coming off his lowest season in every category and averaging just 11.75 PTS, 1 AST, 6.75 REB on 30.5 MINS, that’s a lot of minutes played to score just 7Pts and 9Pts twice for a guy that’s considered to be one of the greats in scoring. Well, we could give him a bit of leeway since he’s still new to the team and the system and all, but come on? Your game is mostly, like 99% of the time isolation plays and again, you don’t produce? I guess I hate at this point but who doesn’t?

Bucks: 4-0, The Greek Freak is posting numbers stamping his debate to be on the top 10 players in the league today, in their win today against the Sixers, Giannis posted a 32 Pts, 10 Ast and 18 Reb, a huge triple-double! He didn’t have time to play around with the young Sixers team, posting his fourth straight 25 Pts and 15 Reb performance to kick of his season, MVP numbers for an MVP caliber player.

We’re in for a treat of a season full of excitement and satisfaction, and it has just been 1 week!

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