NBA Regular Season’s 1ST Week – Part 1

One week has passed since the start of the 2018 – 2019 NBA Regular Season, we’ve seen surprises and the obvious unfold but is one week enough to judge a team’s season?

Throughout the years we’ve seen teams struggle in the opening games and cruise to the entire season like LeBron’s return to the Cavs, will this time around be different? We’ve got a lot of questions to ask, and we’ll try to take a look at the teams that are struggling and see what’s going on and look at other team’s recipe for success.

Lakers: 0 – 3, Reggie Miller said “Trust the process, understand this is a young team. You’re going to take your lumps. We can have this conversation if they’re playing like this January 1st. That’s different. But I’m going to give them a long leash, just for the simple fact… they are playing much harder now than they did a couple of years ago. And a lot of times that’s a big step for young teams.” Which is really well said, the team already acquired LeBron James and the team’s core are young and talented, we just need to wait and see how LBJ could mold this team into a contender, ‘Trust the Process’ has come to LA now. #FireLuke.

Raptors: 5 – 0, they just defeated the Wolves 112-105 in a show that highlighted Kawhi’s argument to the haters that have routed him out as a top 3 player, matching their franchise-best to start a season. Scoring his season-high 35 points dominating whoever guarded him in or out of the paint. The Raptors have as well defeated the Wolves 15 consecutive times at home, a franchise record for most consecutive wins against a single opponent at home.

Nuggets: 4-0, defense! Nikola Jokic a 2nd round draft pick by the Nuggets back in 2014 averaging 18-6-10 last season said, ‘Look at us now’ and they have the 2nd best defense per 100 in the entire league. Malone, Nuggets’ head coach is a defensive minded person, playing with and coaching with defense-oriented teams his entire career the effort has now paying off as the whole team is committed to the standard he has implemented, scrambling, hustling and being active on defense has given them a great start to this season but can they keep this up.

More teams on part two…

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