13-year-old Boy Stabs His English Teacher at Trickum Middle School

On Monday at Trickum Middle School, a 13-year-old boy stabbed his English teacher using an 8-inch butcher knife which he had in his bag all along in his Arts He also grabbed another student after stabbing his teacher on the chest. This was reported by the school’s principal.

The incident happened quickly, as described. The 13-year-old boy called the teacher to come over and immediately stabbed her in the chest. Luckily, Mason Walter braved himself into the situation. On a statement he said in an interview, he said that without delay, he took off his jacket and wrapped it around the teacher’s chest where she was bleeding. He witnessed how the boy did the stabbing despite him trying to keep it concealed. In other words, Mason saw it all. After their teacher, the boy also pointed the butcher knife on the other student, threatening others that he would kill the student if they videotaped him. Mason then distracted the boy to get some help.

He also stated that in one of their past conversations, the 13-year-old boy wanted to kill someone. The boy and the teacher’s identity remains confidential and unnamed to the public for safety reasons.

This type of behavior from children nowadays has been alarming. We get to hear news about incidents like this weekly having students kill students, stabbing teachers and the like. It’s about time that we re-evaluate the lessons we have thought our children within our homes. Is our homes still a healthy environment for our children’s character growth? Are we still giving them the premium of learning right manners and obedience? Or are we just allowing them to live their lives the way they want it to be and how they discover it?

We are responsible for the outcome the next generation is producing, and we should take matters like this very seriously. We faced life before they did. It will never be an excuse to say that they have a new way of living because discipline, whether we like it or not, will still be the same and it needs immediate action. We hope you get to do something different in your homes today!

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