OnePlus – Everything You’ll Need to Know

OnePlus a phone manufacturer based in China has over the years challenged the market with its phones, calling them flagship killers. They started with the OnePlus 1 and sold it for just under $300. Over the years as technology got better, and price tags got crazier, OnePlus keeping true to their promise are still selling phones less than 50% than the giants in the industry a lot more in Apple’s case.

OnePlus was about to unveil the ‘T’ edition of the OnePlus 6 which they always release in the autumn season, an upgrade of the summer released phones instead of a complete overhaul.

They recently moved their ‘Unlock the Speed’ event to October 29 which will take place in New York to not compete with Apple’s October Event so all eyes will be on them.
So how much are we going to pay for the 6T? The 6 is selling at $529, so since its an upgrade, it would be reasonable for a little increase. Rumors and leaks say $569 in the US for I guess the 6GB model.

Specs are the usual seen in flagships, Snapdragon 645 with Adreno 630, 6 or 8 GB of RAM, 64 / 128 / 256 GB of storage, boasting a triple rear camera and 25Mp selfie camera paired with a 3,800 mAh battery. The spec bumps are just a hump compared to the new features that this phone will bring, like the In-display fingerprint scanner, gone is the days of struggling to place your finger where it should be. Pair this with their face ultra quick face unlock then no one’s going to need the phones back anymore, except for the cameras.

They got the notch down to a nipple, and the photo leaks are good comparing it to the OnePlus 6’s notch, I don’t think that someone would have an accident when this bit would cover a letter on a message while driving. We also would like to see better waterproofing and wireless charging since never did they have one but they as well stated that the technology isn’t fast enough and would gladly implement if it already is but dash charging is still one of the most rapid changes in the world.

Most of these are just rumors and speculations an hopes but come October 29 we will hear from the company themselves, so mark your calendars and your checks as well, did I mention they have a live stream for the event?

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