Sexual Child Abuse in Australia

The Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave a national apology to the children who are victims of child abuse in Australia. Hundreds of people have witnessed this in Canberra on October 22, 2018. A significant percentage of those who attended are victims and families in deep desperation for justice.

Sexual child abuse has been defined as an ‘unrelenting torment’ by the Prime Minister. Accordingly, there have been over 8,000 reports of sexual abuse from last year, and as this year is about to end, more and more children are still suffering without anyone knowing. These reports of abuse are happening within schools, churches, different organizations and even in their homes — it happens in places we least expect.

This type of abuse doesn’t end when it happens to a victim. They carry this burden and fear for the rest of their lives, and it has gone on an alarming rate, and sometimes no one cares to take action. Justice has always been delayed for most or worse it never comes. As a result, children who experience sexual abuse are often ignored by society and the government.

Earlier on Monday, a national apology has been released as an acknowledgment of sexual child abuse happening widely in Australia. It is a reality, and it happens on a daily basis. Victims are being abused even more as they try to seek help. They are being discriminated, hated, and left behind. No written justice can ever heal an abused child, and no bars can bring back lives that have been ruined. But today, the Australian leaders have made their first step, and that is humbly saying sorry for all these.

As these leaders speak from a position, victims continue to live a life in a society of permanent status. For years this problem has risen to thousands, and nothing was ever done to resolve. The government, the community, and institutions have failed as protectors of these little ones. This apology may heal the surfaces of a victim’s pain and forgive for a bit of while, but the action is what they want to see. After this day, we hope to look at the lives of children being changed and hearts being renewed as we take action on our failures.

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