Canada Has Now Legalized Recreational Marijuana

Today, Canada has followed the step made by Uruguay last summer by legalizing the use and selling of recreational cannabis in their country.

Amidst the concerns and issues about legalizing cannabis in Canada, the market for marijuana started to open nationwide on Wednesday midnight. Some residents of Canada are concerned about what will be the outcome of the new law like what will be the impact on the health, the law and safety of the public.

Provinces and other territories have said to be responsible for giving out the details on where they can buy cannabis and how they are going to put in use of it within their control.

When midnight struck, the most easterly time zone in Canada, Newfoundland had opened their first legal market of cannabis. Each person is only allowed to carry in public up to a total of 30 grams of marijuana across the country. But having it at home has a different restriction on the total grams a person is allowed to have. Even if most of the provinces and areas do not have the limits on how much a person can carry cannabis, it is different in Quebec as they have decided to limit it at 150 grams. 1 gram is already enough to roll one rather large joint or a few small ones.

This legalization was promised by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau when he was elected in 2015.

Is Everything Literally Legal?

People though should be aware that not all kind of weeds is legal to buy in the market. As of the moment, only dried and fresh pot, oils, seeds, and plants are available in the market. While other types of weed like good ones, extracts, and concentrated are still unavailable in the market for the meantime. But according to the government, it will soon be legalized as well within this year.

Some people may be asking, especially concerned parents, if what will be the legal age in purchasing the controversial legalization of the weed in Canada. In most areas of Canada, the legal age to buy cannabis is 19. But in the area of Quebec and Alberta, they can purchase it starting at the age of 18.

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