New Zealand And Their Problem On Child Poverty

New Zealand has been known to be one of the most scenic and peaceful places people may ever think about it. It has also been known by the second safest country in the world, having Iceland on number one. But there is something we do not know about New Zealand. It has been struggling with child poverty for many years now.

There are about 280,000 children in New Zealand suffering from poverty. This has been an issue that needs to be addressed and solved immediately with proper handling. The youngest prime minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern has been standing firm in her determination to end child poverty as rates have risen higher this year.

Having low income is not the only factor in poverty. As it has been defined, poverty is the deprivation of a child’s need for spiritual and emotional support. It is also the deprivation of having their material needs and wants and their lack of moral support system for them to gain confidence in their childhood. What we have forgotten is that children are members of the society with needs just as adults have and this is something that has been ignored by most. Furthermore, these problems are being encountered in New Zealand, and all around the world that administers have to face daily.

The prime minister has promised to bring down the rates into half in the next ten years. Along with the changes in government, Jacinda Ardern still makes this issue a priority as she had pledged to do so. She sees child poverty as a problem that will grow more every morning unless treated today.

The definition of poverty has been viewed differently by different leaders in the government which has prolonged the addressing of the issue. There are a lot of measurements used on poverty which blocks the truth about it. The disagreement on its definition is one thing that has to be dealt with before diving into the communities, the prime minister emphasized.

Her plans and actions to lower the rates on child poverty have made her a ‘sensation’ to New Zealanders and has given hope to the people who are much affected by it.

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