Immigrants on Depression

Moving from one place to another might bring in thoughts of depression. This is an event that happens to most who goes after their ‘land of promise.’ But what people do not know is that something is happening deep in the hearts of these migrants behind the beautiful places they are in — something that people barely talk about, something hard to admit. Lately, studies show that moving from one place to another causes loneliness and then depression.

You might be in the city you’ve always dreamt about, in a home you’ve worked years for or maybe in a place you are forced to be in right now. However, depression is something we might experience.

The truth about today’s “life goal” is to be in a more beautiful country than where we are right now. And when that happens, one thing people encounter is culture shock which then rises to anxiety and depression. We realize that we are not ready to face these differences and realities of life. Soon there will be feelings of homesickness —that longing to return home, to our comfort zones.

Depression, as defined, affects how a person feels, thinks and how a person acts. In the same way, people experience when they move out from their original homes. Although often thought after the hype and excitement to having a new environment. Some may easily deal with it but some just cannot.

If you are one of those struggling in your ‘promise lands’, we hope you get to find the beauty in meeting new people and the happiness in learning new things. The media may show that there are more stories of people having failed their dreams because they are depressed, people who have lost interest in the things they were once excited about. Nevertheless, there are also stories of success and stories of victories, and that may be your story, too. Do not lose hope. You are in a position of great influence today. There will always be more time to make a difference in how we look through life’s hardships. Remember, that your story is what the future generation will talk about in their time. It may not be an easy start, but we know you can do it.

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