Obstetrician At Huntington Hospital Sued For Sexual Misconduct

Obstetrician Sued For Sexual Misconduct

Huntington Memorial Hospital is located in Pasadena, California, is a not-for-profit hospital locally known as HMH or Huntington Hospital which has been serving the community for over 125 years. They are one of the best-performing hospitals in California. On Wednesday, Dr. Patrick Sutton, a 64-year-old Obstetrician of Huntington Memorial Hospital has been alleged of sexual misconduct. Three women who are said to have filed a federal lawsuit against the hospital and Dr. Sutton have had ‘unwanted sexual remarks’ in the 1990s during an exam.

Reportedly, Dr. Sutton is also sued by 5 other patients due to sexual misconduct, 4 of which have already been settled pleading not guilty of the accusations made. The doctor also said through his lawyer that he is willing to go through the remaining complaint. The administrators of the hospital are currently reviewing the lawsuit and are taking issues like this very seriously according to the hospital’s spokeswoman, Eileen Neuwirth.

The identity of the three women who filed the lawsuit on Wednesday remains disclosed. Only their initials are uncovered, and these women are confirmed to have delivered their children in Huntington Memorial Hospital.

Meanwhile, the plaintiffs’ lawyers said that in 1990, when the plaintiff, T.F. was pregnant, she went to Sutton about a migraine and was advised only to masturbate and let him know when she has reached her ‘orgasm’ through the phone. Another incident in 1999 during a postpartum checkup, they wrote that Dr. Sutton made immoral comments and groped plaintiff K.G.’s. breasts.

He also had two previous cases in 1998 and 2008 concerning a patient visit and another pending from a 2016 complaint. Sutton was granted probation after the Medical Board of California sought for a suspension of his medical license. He is said to have gone through psychotherapy and was ordered twice to take a professional boundaries course as agreed.

After the accusations were made, the immediate response was taken into action by the hospital and confirmed that the Obstetrician will be taken out from his leadership position and have agreed to have a chaperone when handling women in the hospital. They also confirmed that he is no longer on the hospital’s call panelist as an OB.

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