Hurricane Michael Leaves Florida Panhandle Devastated

Hurricane Michael went off the Florida Panhandle devastated. Leaving the place with so much flooding, houses wiped off and lives ruined. It was unexpectedly ‘intensified’ as many would refer. Gov. Rick Scott said that hurricane Michael is a “monstrous storm.” Authorities have already found two dead bodies while search-and-rescue operations are still ongoing as they try to penetrate the hardest-hit areas. It has been challenging for them since the place has been left in ruins with flooding and roads are quite impossible to pass through.

Florida has also lost power as of Thursday morning including the states of Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina. Also, one major concern in Panama at the moment is having two of their hospitals damaged by the hurricane and will be closed down soon as stated by Gov. Rick Scott.

On Wednesday, the hurricane went by quickly and left no room for miracles. People may still be in a trap as houses and buildings were greatly damaged by it. While the disturbance caused by it is still under observation, some casualties are also uncertain. Before this all happened, 375,000 people were ordered to evacuate from the state for safety.

Michael is ‘the worst storm’ to be recorded in the Florida Panhandle. It surprised every one of its strength. The last strongest hurricanes in the region were dated in 1975 (Eloise), and 1882 (Pensacola).

Moreover, after being recently hit by Florence which left at least 17 people dead, flooding and clogging of some areas, the Carolinas are expected to have Michael on Thursday. Although it won’t be as strong as what occurred, S.C. Gov. Henry McMaster said that residents should still be prepared. Hurricane Michael is forecasted to leave entirely by early Friday.

The storm was a Category 4 and supposedly to be raised to Category 5. Thankfully, it had already weakened and slowed down. The authorities are still hoping to rescue more survivors as they enter the areas of the Panhandle where it is said to be extremely damaged. The president is expected to visit the location by Sunday. People all over America have been sending great love and support to the victims of the hurricane.

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