Hurricane Michael To Hit Florida!

Hurricane Michael is now at Category 4 with a continuous wind speed of 130 mph. It is expected to become stronger and stronger as it comes near ashore by midday.

After the massive tropical storm, Florence that made great flooding to South Carolina mainly, another massive storm is coming, and it will hit Florida this time. It will be expected to have a landfall later on Wednesday, and because of this, the residence of Florida evacuated from their own home for safety. Officials said that around 375,000 people of Gulf Coast were convinced and ordered to leave.

The massive storm is expected to be a life-threatening that will reach as high as 13 feet and will produce as big as a foot of raindrops in some areas. NHC (National Hurricane Center) stated that it would hit mainly at Panhandle in Florida or what they call the “Big Bend” area.

Aside from the expected massive landfall of Hurricane Michael, Panhandle Florida also experienced significant hurricanes that reached Category 3 or higher. Eloise in 1975, Opal in 1995 and Dennis in 2005.

The storm is expected to weaken when it reaches the southeastern United States, but heavy rains and flooding effects will range far and wide.

Governor of Florida Rick Scott advised people to listen to what the officials will say as storm Michael is considered as a massive storm and it can kill anyone. He declared a state of emergency and mobilized 2,500 National Guardsmen.

Aside from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and other 25 counties have also declared a state of emergency for the safety of the people as there has been already reported that 13 people died in Central America because of the storm. Establishments are also closed and even airports to avoid accidents.

President Donald Trump also approved and ordered a pre-landfall emergency declaration to give governmental money for the aide of Florida.

This is considered to be the strongest storm to hit the United States this year. So people are advised to be vigilant and be prepared on what is coming. Be prepared, alert and follow whatever the officials say for the protection of everyone.

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