Zookeeper Dies After Being Attacked By A White Tiger in Japan

In Kagoshima, a 40-year-old zookeeper named Akira Furusho was found in the tiger’s cage bleeding late Monday by a colleague after the Park’s closing. Reports say, he was brought to the hospital but was pronounced dead. The authorities believed that Furusho was trying to move the tiger from his exhibition cage to his night-time cage when he was attacked.

White tigers are considered to be an endangered species. The last known white tiger to live freely was shot in 1958. Most of this species live in zoos for protection and conservation. The Hirakawa Zoological Park which opened in 1972 and now city-operated, is known to keep four white tigers and one of them named Riku is reported to be seen in the place where the victim was found. Apparently, no one saw the attack, and there were also no reports of visitors being harmed. The tiger was then sedated with a tranquilizer gun by a veterinarian while the police investigate the area.

According to Japan News, “the zoo opened as usual Tuesday, but the area around the white tiger cage was sealed off to visitors.” The Zoological park is already under investigation by the police to check any possible violation of safety measures.

People online have been expressing their thoughts about this, and many are in favor to claim ‘justice’ by killing the white tiger. “The tiger has tasted blood must be shot dead. It could kill again,” but this is not what the victim’s family want.

Akira Furusho’s family made a request not to kill Riku despite the incident. Zoo official, Takuro Nagasako said, “We plan not to kill Riku and continue to keep it because the bereaved family asked us to do so.”

Indeed, we all have different levels of commitment when it comes to our work to the point of death. The family is not after justice, but they are after their son’s commitment to protecting and saving the endangered species.

Akinori Ishido, the Zoo director, said in a televised news conference that Furusho’s death saddens him. This is a sad day for the staff of the Hirakawa Zoological Park.

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