UFC 229 Post Fight Brawl

Saturday night, Las Vegas, UFC 229: McGregor vsNurmagomedov, an event much awaited by fight fans across the globe ended with brawl by the opposing camps. Khabib (Champion) finished the fight in the fourth round via a rear-naked choke after getting beat to a pulp from the 2nd to the 4th against arguably the best striker the game has seen in Conor (#1 Contender) showcasing his dominating grappling skills.

But instead of celebrating like a person would, I mean you just successfully ‘won’ the belt for the first time since Conor didn’t defend his championship at all, the referee had to pull him away from Conor, he then just lashed out at the opposing camp and threw his mouthpiece which ignited a spark. This spark would turn out into a blaze of fist and kicks flying around, Khabib jumped out of the octagon landing and receiving punches from Conor’s team. Even the doubtful McGregor, still recovering from the submission, got a punch out to Khabib’s cousin who left a nice mark just below his eyes, but also got hit a couple of times by three attackers. One of them was ZubairaTukhugov, a featherweight with a record of 3-1 in the UFC. Security was quick to act but not enough to prevent what just happened.

After the dust settled and Conor was escorted out of the octagon and arena, UFC President Dana White refused to give Khabib his belt not because he was mad or something but he feared for Khabib and everyone in the arena that day. Thinking that if he gave Khabib his belt that it would start raining, that people would start throwing whatever they got a hold of to Khabib or anybody that looked like a Russian in the area. In the post-fight conference, he said that he was ‘disgusted’ and ‘sick’ over the situation and the Nevada Athletic Commission intends to investigate the brawl and punish all the offending parties.
And it did not stop there, at the halls of T-Mobile Arena, fans started brawling which led to mostly McGregor fans being knocked out unconscious.

Mike Tyson said on Twitter: “Watching the @TheNotoriousMMAvs@TeamKhabib fight. Unimaginable never thought it would go down like this. Crazier than my fight riot.” That shows how crazy the night ended.

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