Mental Health Month: What You Need To Know

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health Month is celebrated every October to create mental awareness to everyone, and this celebration is observed all around the world yearly. This is a way of breaking the silence which disturbs the mind.

This year’s theme for Mental Health Month is ‘Share the Journey’ which was also last year’s theme for the event.

Sharing the Journey means:

  • To have an accountability partner whether a friend or family to. This is to have someone checking on you and someone you can be honest in every area of your life.
  • To be a helping hand to others around you
  • Consulting to professionals rather than relying on your own
  • Connecting to the world
  • Not giving up on the things you are passionate about
  • Being part of organizations that focus on rebuilding mental health
  • You do not have to through this alone

There are many more ways to explain what ‘Sharing the Journey’ means. But before jumping through all the good parts of it, we all know that we have to go through difficult situations, and no journey is the same. People who have experienced loss go through the grieving process starting from Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Acceptance, and ending with Hope. Some recover right away, and some do not. What’s important is we do not give up on seeking help for us not to end up just where we stopped.

Our anger towards ourselves and our past sometimes make us drive away ‘important and helpful’ people in our lives and often, we do not notice. Sharing the Journey means never to give in to isolation. A famous writer once wrote that “isolation leads to destruction.” That is something we don’t want to happen.

With this month’s theme, sharing your journey can redeem those dark pages of your life. Let’s write a new one! There’s still time to fix yourself.

Our lives matter and that is a fact. We can change only if we help ourselves, too. Get out of your comfort zones and show up!

Remember, the best thing we can offer the world is our healthy selves. Do not give up!

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