Climate Change Update: Act Now Before It’s Too Late!

We are all aware of what is climate change and what it will cause us when we do not take it by heart and make an action to it before it is too late. We have been warned by scientists and even nature about the effect of our carelessness, but still, we do nothing to change for the better of our environment.

This time, scientists gave a final warning to make a move before it’s too late to save our world. Global temperature has now reached below 1.5 C, and reaching this temperature is not a joke anymore as it already gives us a sign that we need to do something, pronto!

A group of scientists and government officials have gathered and discussed the climate temperature is dropping to 1.5 C in South Korea. According to Professor Jim Skea, co-chair of IPCC, “The first is that limiting warming to 1.5C brings a lot of benefits compared with limiting it to 2 degrees. It reduces the impacts of climate change in critical ways. 2nd is the unprecedented nature of the changes that are required if we are to limit warming to 1.5C – changes to energy systems, changes to the way we manage land, changes to the way we move around with transportation.”

Limiting the warmth by 1.5C will cost us a lot of money, as per the report. It will affect the annual average investment needs in the energy system at around $2.4 trillion. But Dr. Stephen Cornelius says that it is still cheaper compared to paying for carbon dioxide removal in the near future.

The report that was issued on Monday by the group of scientists called Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change says that the change of our climate change defines famine, wildfires, and mass death of our coral reefs as soon as 2040.

This kind of news is very alarming, and we already need to take action. Not just by the scientists, government officials, or any in charge organization to save our world but it should also start from us. People should not depend on others to start and change the world to stop global warming. It should start within us. It is now time to make a significant change to show our future generation that we indeed have a beautiful place to live in. Let us make our world a better place. Don’t forget to subscribe for more updates!

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