2018-19 NBA Season is About to Tip-Off

The best of the best players of NBA

Just a few more nights and the 2018-19 NBA Season will be underway! With all of the big trades and signings that happened in the summer, there’s a lot of reasons to get excited about and not get excited as well. Let’s get started!

My favorite player, the best player in the game right now, the most complete player in history and arguably the GOAT, LeBron James. He just moved to the Los Angeles Lakers teaming up with great young talents and battle-hardened veterans like his infamous court rival Lance Stephenson. LeBron James is and has always been in the MVP race and to a lot of people should have been for the last 5 years, we won’t be seeing prime LBJ I think he’s passed that point already but it’s always a luxury having the GOAT in your team coaching and mentoring the young talent in the team.

From the top 3 players in the league to just making headlines without getting any playing time last season. Kahwi Leonard was traded to the Toronto Raptors for All-Star DeMar DeRozan in a move that seems more of a gamble for the Raptors since Kahwi repeatedly told the world that he wanted to play in L.A. and they broke up the duo in DeMar and Kyle. In my opinion, the Spurs clearly won this trade, but the Raptors could also win if they would be able to keep Kahwi from leaving after this season and would put them in a dangerous position to contend for the championship.

Another guy that was predicted by everyone to go and team up with LBJ in L.A., my man Paul George! A decision that surprised even my dog signs up for a four-year max contract deal with the Thunder. With Melo, a dominant ball player out of the picture, the duo of PG13 and the WestBeast is here to stay for the long haul! Both athletically gifted and enormously talented the west is undoubtedly stacked this coming season!

The runner-up in the west, the Houston Rockets. After finishing with the best record in the league last year and after losing to the Warriors in an epic 7 game series, the Rockets front office decided to let loose the guy that anchored the perimeter’s defense and drained a lot of threes, Trevor Ariza and signed an All-Star that placed his worst numbers in his career, Carmelo Anthony. After laughing at reporters when asked about coming off the bench, this time he will be and just signed to a puny $2.4M 1-year deal coming off a $27.9M from the Thunder, talk about a pay cut. It is interesting to see whether this season would be a rectification or a justification of Melo’s.

All of those keeps this season interesting, but this makes it just plain stupid. After winning it’s 3rd championship in 4 years, the Golden State Warriors’ super team of KD, Curry, Klay, Draymond and Iggy, boasting 2 top 5, 2 top 20, and a perennial wing defender as its starting five, just added another former if not only injured last season still a top 20 player in DeMarcus Cousins. A big that stretches the floor and has handles that of a wing, I seriously believe that this season would just be a formality. Just give them the trophy now.
Though we can’t blame it on the Warriors, I mean who doesn’t want to win but someone should regulated moves like this and keep the season a reason for us to hold our breaths and scream in excitement for our favorite teams, oh wait… there is.

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