Life-Sentenced Inmates Escape in China Prison!

Two inmates escaped prison on Thursday, October 4, 2018, in Liaoning province. They are confirmed to be Zhang Guilin, 40, who was serving a life sentence at Lingyuan Third Prison for robbery and Wang Lei, 34, who was also serving a life sentence for kidnapping.

The inmates were said to escape prison by wearing guard uniforms they stole and using access cards at the Lingyuan Third Prison. It has been a week-long National holiday in China, and many believe that this has become an excellent opportunity for the inmates.

Break-outs have been rare in China, and the last record was in 2007 with only 7 seven cases. This prison break by Zhang Guilin and Wang Lei have alarmed the authorities which resulted in an emergency response plan.

According to Beijing News, this has not been Zhang’s first attempt to escape prison. He already made two escape attempts in 2014 but failed. He was imprisoned in the year 2001 and sentenced to 7-years of imprisonment but went back in bars in the year 2008 immediately after being released from prison. He is known to be violent, hurting other inmates.

Wang Lei who was arrested in December 2013 for kidnapping and murder of an 11-year-old. BBC News said that he was supposed to be executed but got suspended for two years which was commuted to a life-sentence for good behavior.

Meanwhile, Wang’s mother said in an interview as an appeal to her son to surrender already to the authorities at Beijing News, “If I see him, I’ll tell him to stop running and to turn himself in. If you’ve committed a crime, you should be responsible for it.”

The China police have offered a 100,000 yuan (£11,000) reward for anyone with information about the inmates. The two are believed to still be in the province of Liaoning which is now on lockdown. The place has a small population of 650,000 and residents are advised to keep watch of the inmates who are known to be dangerous as their records show. The Chinese authorities are already doing the extra mile in tracking these men and put them back in prison.

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