Exploding Vape Pens and E-Cigs

The news today is most of the time misleading, controlled or influenced by the government and/or big companies, you might never see or hear good news about vape, vaping and the vaping community. Whenever vape is mentioned in the report its always about ‘Vape Explodes in Kid’s Face’, ‘Woman’s Purse Obliterated by E-Cig’ or ‘Yummy Flavors Causing Kids to Try Vaping’, and it would always be a one-sided story. Its basically blackmailing vape into extinction just because the market is so small that governments would make little money from taxing and bothering with vaping at all compared to what big tobacco companies offer on the other hand.

Exploding vapes or e-cigs do happen, and it’s not those starter kits or pen types that blow, those that do are the more complicated ones, we call it ‘Mech Mods’ or mechanized mods. There are vape mods that use the very basic of principles; connect the positive and the negative of the battery to the atomizer through a heating wire, and vapor happens. These units use IMR batteries, and the most significant is the 18650s, which are also used in flashlights and laptop batteries. Battery malfunctions are so rare that its ratio is like 1: MILLION, so why are they exploding? User error! Batteries are shorting out due to people using it recklessly. Though we feel sorry about that guy that lost all of his front teeth, face, and nose, it is still him to blame.

There are two types of battery failures, first is venting. There is disk inside the batteries and breaks that will lead to the battery hissing and spilling out some of the oozes which are very gentle compared to the other one, thermal runaway. What happens is that the battery heats up so quickly that the disk doesn’t get a chance to do its purpose, pressure builds up, flames shoot out and whiles encased inside a metal tube creates a bomb.
So how can this happen? Loose batteries in pockets, purses or bags. It is not like metal touches the cell and kaboom, the metal hits the positive and the negative side at the same time, note that the sides of the batteries are all negative, so it is indeed likely to happen with torn up cells. In a device, it can occur when the atomizers pin that connects to the positive does not protrude enough to touch the battery correctly then add the damaged cell, again, kaboom.

To sum it up, the vaping community and vaping in general is severely battered by ignorant and foolish users that would even comment ‘I won’t be vaping again’, and outgunned by the big tobacco companies by frequently publishing a photo of a guys face that has been torn to pieces then after flashing a picture of someone vaping.

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