Underpaid – Your favorite restaurant might be on a fast food strike!

Fastfood employees on strike

UberEats workers are on fast food strike with workers from JD Wetherspoon, McDonald’s and TGI Fridays. According to the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) union, the fast food strike is said to be held between 5 pm and 6 pm in London, Bristol, Brighton, Newcastle, Plymouth, Southampton, Glasgow and Cardiff on Thursday, 4th of October.

The purpose of the fast food strike rally in Leicester Square at 11:00 this morning intended to end low pay on restaurant workers for them to have a stronger working standard and a better and ‘decent’ living. Their stand-in having a fair wage is a demand of £8.30 an hour to £10 an hour. This is a drive to “end precarious contracts and for their right to a union to be respected.”

The rally which happened in the morning has made a massive impact on social media, having people all over the world gain sympathy and concern on workers who have been receiving low pay. People who have been hearing this news are opted to participate in this type of rally whichever part of the world they may be.

UberEats workers and riders have done a strike last month and now are also set to have a separate rally in the afternoon in support for the union with other workers who are being treated lowly by the economy. The strike accordingly has been happening for three days in a row now.

Meanwhile, an UberEats spokesperson expressed in an emailed statement that the company “provides a valuable way for people to supplement their income” and that its door “is always open for feedback.” Although there are workers who have hardly felt this.

This statement is also probably how most workers in restaurants and fast food chains are dealing with right now. They give customers their best smiles but how they feel deep inside is a different thing.

This unresolved issue has gone way beyond its timeline which has caused an ‘abuse’ to the hardworking ones in the society. It is a domino effect on people who serve with all their heart and their time but receives less in return.

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