iPhone XS and XS Max Problems

iPhone XS and XS Max

Apple has released their latest iPhone last September 21st and has already been receiving reports on issues concerning iPhone XS and XS Max models. Complaints went on from having their “selfie” shots being taken looking more beautiful than they already are.

The new phone’s camera appears to have been using some a beautifying filter when using its front camera. This filter is referred to a Beautygate. Their problem on the photos taken is that its effect makes it look worse at some point as the camera could not make a clear focus.

Comments from Lewis Hilsenteger of Unboxing Therapy uploaded a video on YouTube to prove the concerns and issues of the model. In the video he made, he first said that he “noticed something weird” when he took a photo or a selfie on the iPhone XS Max making look like he has applied a “beautifier.”

He also found numerous complaints of the same matter. Furthermore, this concern has already been forwarded, and Apple has confirmed that they are already working on fixing the issue which appears to have been an error too many.

Another issue yet to be resolved is the model’s charging issues. Reports came in that some new iPhone XS and XS Max models are not charging via the lightning cable.

Unbox Therapy released another video saying that they have received an email through Lewis about its charging issues stating that “when the phone is idle and asleep it will not recognize the lighting jack and therefore will not charge the phone.

It is only after you wake the device up that it recognizes the cable is plugged in.”. The new model devices appear to fail to charge during sleep mode when plugged in. Some claimed that the device charges on sleep only for a short amount of time.

The concern raised by the user was to “at least” let Apple know about the issue. The sender even attached a link to show others’ comments about the charging issue of the new model. Apple users of this device have said that they noticed the same thing. That is one significant problem!

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