F.B.I Expands Inquiry Over Kavanaugh’s Case After Major Repercussions From Democrats

Judge Brett Kavanaugh on the committee hearing

The F.B.I started its inquiry on Judge Kavanaugh’s sexual misconduct allegations last Sunday. The abbreviated investigation aims to shed light on the alleged sexual misconduct of Judge Kavanaugh during his high school and college days, and whether the Senate should proceed to vote for his confirmation in the Supreme Court.

However, critics believed that the White House controls the investigation by setting specific constraints to ensure the probe is narrow and focused.

Hence, Democrats oppose the strict directives of the White House on the inquiry and worries that the constraints could make the investigation a farce. A request for information regarding the instructions was raised to the White House counsel, the F.B.I director, and to Donald F. McGahn II by top Democrats in the Senate via letter.

Particularly, Senator Dianne Feinstein of California requests for the copy of names of additional witnesses and evidence if the F.B.I decides to expand its inquiry beyond the initial directives.

On the other hand, Senator Amy Klobuchar boldly discusses the limitation as what she thinks is the White House micromanaging the inquiry. “You can’t interview this person, you can’t look at this time period, you can only look at these people from one side of the street from when they were growing up,” says Klobuchar via CNN’s State of the Nation.

In response to the repercussions by the Democrats regarding the limitation of scope in the F.B.I inquiry on Kavanaugh’s, the White House advised the bureau to interview anyone that is necessary to probe Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s alleged sexual misconduct claimed by Christine Blasey Ford and other accusers.

President Donald Trump claimed last Monday that he is not concerned about the F.B.I’s extensive investigation in Kavanaugh’s case, as long as the bureau wraps up in time and take directions from the Senate Republicans that will decide Kavanaugh’s confirmation. When asked whether he agrees on the F.B.I interrogating Kavanaugh, the President gladly support the idea and that the bureau proceeds with their investigation on their discretion.

The F.B.I, as reported by the New York Times, has completed its interview on the four witnesses directed by the White House. These witnesses are Christine Blasey Ford, allegedly accusing the Judge of sexual misconduct during a high school gathering in 1982; Deborah Ramirez who accused the Judge of exposing himself in her dormitory in Yale; Leland Keyser, the high school friend of the Judge’s accuser; Mark Judge and P.J. Smyth, Kavanaugh’s high school friends. The Judge denied all allegations in the Senate Judiciary Committee hearing last Thursday.

Trump reminded the bureau with its comprehensive investigation despite appealing less concerned. The President told reporters after the new trade deal with Canada that the F.B.I. should stay “within reason” in interviewing anybody to probe Kavanaugh’s case. “But they should also be guided, and I’m being guided, by what the senators are looking for,” the President says.

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