Death Toll Now Rises At 1,350 After Tsunami Disaster In Indonesia

Treating Indonesians outside the hospital building that was destroyed by tsunami

According to the agency, nearly 1,350 dead bodies are found on the island of Sulawesi, and it is fearfully still growing as the day comes by.

Part of the 1,350 dead bodies found are 34 Indonesian students that were found under a church that was buried by a mudslide. This group of students located in the church was part of the 86 students who were declared missing from a Bible Camp in Jonooge Church Training Centre. But the remaining 52 students are still missing.

The big tsunami that hit Indonesia last Friday has become the worst nightmare for everyone. A 7.5 magnitude earthquake that is followed by a big tsunami that immersed the island of Sulawesi, particularly in the city of Palu.

Because of the dilemma that had happened to the people of Palu, aside from the growing numbers of dead bodies, survivors are at the same time suffering from hunger and thirst and a place where to stay in, especially elders and children.

Aside from the missing students, rescuers are also looking out for survivors or dead bodies in a four-storey hotel building that was also destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami. Out of 50 estimated people that were inside the Roa Roa hotel, nine dead bodies have found, and three are alive.

Some of us may be wondering if there is any help from others are coming that will give food and water to the survivors. According to Chief Ari Dono Sukmanto of Deputy National Police, there is food supply coming in, and they are just waiting for it to be distributed to the victims.

With thousands of people in Palu, not all of them can be accommodated at once because of less help from the rescuers, treatments for the injured and transportation to bring them to a safe place. One of the reasons why the President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo is struggling to ask assistance and send more rescuers in the affected area is that the bridge that is connecting to Palu is damaged, some of the roads are blocked and busted telecommunications that make them difficult to contact for help.

It is very frustrating seeing this kind of incident. We hope and pray that more help will come from different countries to save more lives. Stay tuned for more updates.

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