Are China Phones Any Good?

China has come a long from the producing the world’s best knock-offs like ‘Dolce & Banana’, ‘Sunbucks Coffee’, ‘Polystation’, and my personal favorite ‘Johnie Worker Red Labial’ to name a few. According to Huawei, a China phone brand has just surpassed Apple for the 2nd largest phone company just under Samsung. Not only Huawei but other brands like Oppo, Vivo, and Xiaomi are making waves in the global market. Though its hard to get a hold of China phones in the west, which they tend to stay out of because of patent law, they focus on other markets instead especially India.
So what does the top China brands have to offer? A lot it seems, but when purchasing a China phone, you have to do some in order to not get ripped off since it’s not all butterflies and rainbows yet for China.
When shopping for some Asian tech, do some research. Though it might be an obvious first step yet, it is a bit tricky in a sort of way since the market is so large and diverse. Just stay out of the lesser known brands, but it won’t hurt much since a lot of the phones coming out from there are budget phones and some are just over $100, but still, not all of us has a hundred just laying around. Most phones coming out of China will most likely have a trade-off, good hardware – bad battery, great battery – a lousy camera that sort of stuff. So head on to YouTube and take some time, watch videos on the phones that interest you, my favorite is MrWhoseTheBoss.
On another hand, which might be the most important advice is to choose the right place to buy. Making the right choice here will save you from days to weeks or even months of frustration. Manufacturers sell through different stores online like OnePlus has their own store, others could be purchased on Amazon, while others are on AliExpress and GearBeast. Try looking carefully and choose those stores that have warehouses near you, which they usually state on their websites, saves you a lot of waiting time. And to select a store that already has its foot paved and it name carved to save you your money and your hair.
China has put out a lot of good stuff out there lately, it’s just not readily available to everybody but still reachable, you have to choose your moves wisely from the phone, the manufacturer and the store. Good luck.

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