It’s International Coffee Day – Here’s What You Need To Know!

Happy Coffee International Day

It was on October 1, 2015, when the International Coffee Organization decided to have the first ever International Coffee Day in Milan, Italy at Expo 2015 and has made it an official day to celebrate love for coffee.

It has now been on its third successful year of remembering how this beverage become one of humanity’s greatest workmate. In the US, National Coffee Day is celebrated every 29th of September which started on the year of 2016.

This day also aims to honor the farmers around the world who tirelessly work for us to have the beans we enjoy in our everyday life—the people responsible for its continuous production.

The hype and caffeine are up as people around the world have been tweeting their gratefulness about coffee by using the hashtag #InternationalCoffeeDay. The hashtag has been used more than 20 thousand times for the first few hours of October 1st.

This annual celebration for the most popular beverage connects every coffee-hearted human being whether you are having it piping hot in Asia, ice-cold in the United States, with sugar in the UK, or plain and freshly brewed in your morning table. It doesn’t matter. Coffee is coffee. The love for it will always be mutual.

If you are like us, today is a great day to run your usual routine to coffee shops or you might want to set up your coffee date now since many coffee shops celebrate this day by giving away a free cup of coffee! Others show off their new interesting types and flavors of coffee and most shops rededicate their love and advocacy. And as they say, you can have and celebrate it every day!

So hurry and don’t miss out on this special day. Happy International Coffee Day!

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