Iran Fires Missiles at Militants in Syria Over Ahvaz Attack

Iran fires missiles in Syria

The parade attack on September 22, 2018, concluded about 25 people including soldiers of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and civilian bystanders have died which has been claimed by the IS and ethnic Arab separatists from Ahvaz.

Reportedly today in retaliation of the attack, Iran fires multiple missiles from Kermanshah, Iran at militants in Syria who are allegedly involved in the attack on a military parade in Ahvaz according to state media having the ringleaders as the target.

News reports from the Iranian state television released that many terrorists have been killed and injured in the said attack which hit an area close to the border town of Al Bukamal where the Islamic State militants operate and are also meant to be their last remaining position.

According to Fars News, the missiles had “death to America,” “death to Israel” and “death to the house of Saud” written on them. Iranian president Hassan Rouhani called the US a “sponsor” of the state that provided the terrorists with material and political support although claims have been denied.

The present attack in Syria has destroyed infrastructures and ammunition stockpiles which have been believed to hit the headquarters of IS in the Hajin area. However, there is no information revealed about casualties according to BBC. Further attacks are also expected according to an unnamed Iranian commander as a revenge for the people and the city of Ahvaz.

People involved in the Ahvaz attack on a military convoy during a parade has remained unidentified up to this day. The gunmen were said to be wearing military uniforms disguised as Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and Basiji volunteers. Individuals in the area are still advised to remain vigilant and obey all instructions issued by the local authorities.

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