Get To Know More About Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium

Ring of Elysium, a free-to-play, First or Third person shooter battle royale game. Developed by Tecent Games and Published by Tencent Games and Garena, the same company that has created PUBG Mobile, and the game shows its similarity with PUBG with the weapons being almost precisely the same and I won’t be surprised if there will be a lawsuit in the future like Fortnite versus PUBG was.

The game that was released in Asia and North America on September 19, 2018, has been quite the buzz out the late because of its potential as a PUBG killer to some people’s perspective. Though it had a rough initial stage, a lot of people were skeptical of it being a game out of China that the developers would close their ears and shut their eyes to what the public says and sees about the game. But here we are three weeks after its release, and YouTube personalities and channels are streaming and reviewing this game here and there. Let’s take a dive down and see what RoE has to offer.

Starting Packs – RoE has added a feature that allows players to choose from 3 packs more of like a skill or trait that the player can use throughout the game, first is the Glider pack where players can use the glider to travel a vast distance through the air given they use a high jumping point. Second the Boarding pack, players are given a snowboard to maneuver the terrain with ease and speed, which to me is the most useful since you don’t need much of an incline to do so. And last is the Climbing Pack, which gives players the ability to scale mountains using mountain climbing tools.

Spawning – Instead of the traditional fly-by and jump-off is not used here, but players select from a tile in the map where to drop and not only that but can see other player’s choices as well, you could also know if it’s a hot spot.

Loot System – The game offers a looting system that is in one-hand intelligent and on the other should have been already implemented by the juggernauts of the battle royale industry. It allows auto attached when players pick up weapons and attachments and detach them whenever the weapon is swapped or dropped, and it’s so convenient at the time of when spawning in the middle of a firefight.

Lag and Framerate Drops – a lot of players have noticed and experienced lags, and framerate drops here and there but when it happens not all of the players suffer it, no matter what changes you do with your settings it still happens though you can’t complain much since it is free-to-play.

The game is preferably better than most of the titles out there being it a free-to-play game; I’ve yet to play the officially released version myself, I just played for about a month of closed beta and forgot about the game. But based on other people’s reviews and insights, though it still could get better, I hope so, well done Tencent Games!

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