2 big disasters hit Indonesia: What Could Have Gone Wrong?


A 6.5 magnitude earthquake happened in an island called Sulawesi, Indonesia last Friday at (10:03 GMT) that is followed by a tsunami that killed 844 innocent people and others are still missing. This incident is considered to be one of the scariest and traumatically experience for a person. Especially when you have expected it to be not that much of an alarming situation if it were predicted and informed the people earlier.

According to the source, BMKG, Indonesia’s meteorological and geophysics agency gave a warning that there will be a possible wave coming at 0.5 to 3 meters right after the surge. But then, it raised the alert 30 minutes later from their first statement.

A city in Sulawesi named Palu was a hit by waves that is high as 6 meters. A gush of water has destroyed buildings, and houses and wiped away people who are at that time having a beachfront festival. So, imagine that crowd being swiped away by big waves.

Knowing that Indonesia has an advanced tsunami warning system which was donated by different countries, some have been damaged by an Indian Ocean tsunami that happened in 2004, while others are because of vandals and some were stolen.

But according to the chairwoman of BMKG, Dwikorita Karnawati, Jakarta Post was informed that the decision to end the warning was made after the agency received information about the tsunami. She even stated that there are no more waves seen after the alert ended.

But how do you think the people will receive their messages when the signal was only sent through text messages? Maybe. If there are sirens in that area that could have possibly give warning to the people, perhaps we could have saved some lives.

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