PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Championship

PUBG Mobile Star Challenge Championship

Player Unknown’s Battle Grounds Mobile has taken the mobile gaming world by storm as its PC counterpart did, boasting over 100,000,000 downloads on mobile platforms. Tencent and PUBG Corporation has announced their first ever mobile tournament; PUBG Moblie Star Challenge!

Players from all over the world, North America, South America, Japan, Korea, China, Europe and the rest of Asia will team up in a four-man team and compete for an unprecedented $600,000 prize pool sponsored by Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Applicants have already reached 15,000 players consisting of internet personalities, professional gamers, enthusiast, and celebrities. The top 20 teams from the qualifiers from the six regions will be selected to play at the finals that will hold at Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Selection will be based on the player’s popularity to increase the fan base of the already popular game, players with over 1,000 fans on stream or any social media will be eligible to register while grouping with other players, the rest of the team doesn’t need to follow the fan-based requirements. Platforms are YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Facebook Live, Smashcast TV, Mixer, Cube TV, Nimo TV, etc.

The format is as follows;
Registration and Qualifying round – teams will qualify based on the match results.
Preliminaries – teams will play to win showcasing their skills individually and as a group.
Regional Finals – teams will compete in a month-long weekend of grueling competition for the right to be the official streamer of the region
Global Finals – the winning teams from the six areas, will come together and play for the last boasting rights of the first-ever championship of PUBG Mobile!

The grand champion will receive $200,000, the runner-up $100,000 and the third runner-up $50,000. The region champion will receive $20,000, the runner-up $15,000 and the third runner-up $10,000. The most popular player in the regional finals will get $10,000, talk about being famous! Local resources will be used to promote the official steamers of the event.

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