Amazon, Microsoft and Google Unite To Prevent Famine

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After having a big problem with famine all around the world, Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have united to help prevent the issue that becomes worse time after time after time. People rarely see this kind of unity especially with big tech companies, and we are delighted that this is happening.

Famine in different parts of the world cannot be anticipated. Instead of waiting people to die because of this crisis, a collaboration happened between World Bank, United Nations, and International Committee of the Red Cross, together with the big tech companies joined forces to solve this problem by using technology. They will be launching a tool called “Famine Action Mechanism” or FAM. Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other technology firms unite to save lives by using “Artemis,” an analytical model that uses Artificial Intelligence and machine learning that guides and to help plan on what to do ahead of time.

Also, it says that this device could detect early signs of food shortages, forecasting and analyze areas that are affected by severe food shortages.

According to Brad Smith, President of Microsoft, “If we can better predict when and where future famines will occur, we can save lives by responding earlier and more effectively.”

Famine is considered one of the biggest crisis in the world. According to experts, food shortage is the cause of it. But sometimes, the reason for it are political instability, price hike in food, military war, or storms. Senior Director of the World Bank Fragility, and Violence Group, Franck Bousquet stated that out of the ten significant famines, nine have resulted from conflict and war.

About 20 million people in South Sudan, Nigeria, Somalia, and Yemen were put in danger last year because of famine. While around 124 million people are currently experiencing food crisis level that needs urgent attention for them to survive.

Famine Action Mechanism will be launched next month in some small countries. It will initialize those decision using Artemis. The concerned nation is hoping that this will limit people dying, especially children because of famine.

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