Boat Accident in Lake Victoria, Tanzania: 44 Dead

Lake Victoria Accident

According to the latest update, at least 44 passengers of the sinking ferry has confirmed dead on Thursday which happened in Lake Victoria, Tanzania. It is still unknown if how many passengers boarded in the boat as the person who provides the ticket is said to be dead as well.

It is still unknown what have caused the accident but according to officials, the ferry may have carried around 400 to 500 passengers that may have caused its sinking.

Regional Commissioner John Mongela of Mwanza said that around thirty-seven people had been rescued in Thursday night while 32 are in critical conditions. Rescue operations are having a hard time to spot victims due to poor visibility. Even locals are already helping to look out and save some victims.

Lake Victoria is known to be the largest lake in Africa. The accident took place in between two islands of Lake Victoria. The agency said that the ferry was traveling fromĀ Ukara and Bugolora. According to the officials, most of the boats are already old and not advisable for going anymore.

Ferries that travel in Tanzania, Kenya, and Uganda are most of the time crowded that is why an accident happens time after time. Instead of the standard passengers of 620, some of the boats are carrying more than 1,000.

This recent incident brings peoples’ memory back from other same accidents that are known to be prone in that area. Like what happened in 2011, an overcrowded ferry which carried at least 800 passengers sank off the coast in the island of Zanzibar that killed 187 people. Another incident occurred in 2012 that killed 145 innocent people. And in 1996, relevant accident happened that killed 800 because of overcrowded passengers. BBC considered it as one of the worst ferry accidents in the last century.

As of the moment, rescue and operation are still ongoing. Stay tuned for more updates.

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