Get To Know About Rumored Leaks Of Samsung Galaxy S10 Models

Samsung Galaxy S10

A lot of rumors are spreading right now about Samsung’s new plans for Galaxy S10 models. Every time they upgrade new phones or any gadgets that they can make of, techies can expect much about its high specs and fascinating features.

One of this is their new Galaxy S10 phone which is said to have four different kinds of models! How amazing is that! The leak has given us the names of S10’s four versions, and they are the Beyond0, Beyond1, Beyond2, and not but not the least is Beyond25g. So the question in our minds right now is what the difference that will make them unique from each other is? Let us find out!


Beyond0 is known to be the entry-level device of Samsung S10. The speculation about this unit is this will be the lowest price among the four with lower end specs. It has also said to have the similar mode like Huawei’s P20 Lite likely.


The other phone, Beyond1 is said to be the main version of Galaxy S10. This phone will have a 5.8-inch AMOLED display.


Next, is Beyond2 which will be the Samsung Galaxy S10+. The rumor about this model is that it would have a 6.44-inch screen.


And lastly, which will be the talk of the town for sure is Beyond25g. According to the speculations, this phone will be the first Samsung that supports 5G.

Other than the speculation of having four model units of Samsung Galaxy S10, the successful company is said to be putting a rear triple-camera set up in one of the phones. Aside from that, both of high-end versions of Galaxy S10 will be having an ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. How awesome is that!

With all of these promising, excellent new features and upgrades, techies out there are wishing that all of these rumors are true and can’t wait to get their hands on it! Well, it’s for us to find out once they unveil the new Galaxy phone early next year. So stay tuned!

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