Sony Joins The Revamp Train With PlayStation Classic

SONY released PlayStation ClassicImage Source: PlayStation/Youtube

We all witnessed how the world responds to something vintage. Getting a piece of your childhood and reminiscing good old gaming experiences is what most people seek nowadays. Taking the track of NES Classic Edition for example, and how it significantly ramp the sales turnaround for Nintendo, it appears SONY is joining the revamp train.

Sony will be releasing a miniature, classic edition of the PlayStation console you’ve grown up with this December 3 (a perfect holiday treat?). It is 45 percent smaller compared to the old console and packed with an HDMI cable, a USB, and two controllers for quicker TV connection. And, thank God, it’s HDMI, because I can’t recall how many horror calls I’ve received back working as a tech rep with those RGB Cables.

Of course, the PlayStation Classic packs with the nostalgic games you once played. It will preload 20 classic titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and much more.

The newly revamped console also retains its classic design. From the layout to the grey colorway we’ve used to love, it’s all packed in this PlayStation Classic.

The PlayStation Classic will retail at $99.99 this December 3. An attractive price, perfect for gifting this coming holiday season. However, I only do hope that SONY keeps up with stuffing, to ensure no shortage of stocks as witnessed in the NES Classics’ release (say no to scalpers?).

We’ll keep everyone posted with the PlayStation Classic – its stocks, updates, and other details that people seek. For the meantime, share us your thoughts with this new revamped console. Will you get it?

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