Hurricane Florence Status Update: Weakened, But Still Dangerous

Hurricane Florence preparation

Hurricane Florence, now downgraded to Category 2 hurricane, is still deemed to be a dangerous storm by the National Hurricane Center. Hence, authorities still expect strong storm surge and heavy rainfall as it nears landfall.

The storm’s maximum sustained winds decreased to 110 mph, a recent reading from the Air Force Hurricane Hunter plane. Official Forecasters predicts the storm will more likely sustain its strength, and will only weaken once it moves inland.

Readings as of 11 p.m revealed that the storm was centered 280 miles east-southeast of Wilmington N.C., moving northwest at a speed of 17 mph. The storm spotted currently approaching North and South Carolina.

Respective authorities warn the public to be precautious and prepare for possible evacuation. Although the storm was downgraded from Category 4 to Category 2 storm, the risk of ocean surging raises due to its enormous wind field.

The National Hurricane Center provided is possible analysis on Hurricane Florence’s landfall. According to the agency, Florence will blow ashore as early as Friday afternoon between North and South Carolina line.

Florence’s rain way will hit hard westward with the possibilities of catastrophic inland flooding. Further, Hurricane Florence might strike first as Category 1 with winds less than 100 mph.

President Donald Trump boosts the government’s readiness. Further, in his statement from the White House, he urged the people to stay away from it.

Baltimore Sun reports that over 1.7 million people in the Carolinas and Virginia have been warned. Airlines have canceled over 1,000 flights due to the possible prevalence of the storm.

Duke Energy predicts that Florence could negate electricity to three-quarters of its consumers. Also, possible outages could last for a week.

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