Volvo High Hopes Of Pushing For Electric Car Sales By 2025

Volvo Electric Car Sales 2025 Plan

Swedish Car Manufacturer, Volvo has its mind set on having half of their car sales to be electric by 2025. The decision followed a report from the company that by 2019, all of their new cars will have an electric drive train or hybrid option.

It also marked the end of petrol and diesel-powered cars, according to Volvo Chief Executive, Håkan Samuelsson. Last year, China held the top position in car sales with 24.2m, surpassing America with only 17.3m sales.

To act on China’s continuing pollution problem, the Government of Beijing set a target of alternatively fuelled vehicles (AFV) comprising of 20pc of new car sales by 2025, which equates to 7m cars.

Volvo plans to have a 50 percent electric plan by the same target year. The idea, according to Samuelsson would “reinforce and expand Volvo’s commitment to AFVs in the world’s leading market for electric cars.”

Most of Volvo’s car sales come from China amounting to 114,500 out of the 571,500 global total. Sales in China rose to 23.3 percent during the first quarter of 2018, compared to the total global growth of 14 percent.

However, the company made promises they’ve yet to fulfill. In 2017, it said they would start testing driverless cars in London by 2017. It was labeled as the company’s “most ambitious trial” ever. Volvo said that because of the UK’s harsh driving conditions, the technology would be stretched to the limit.

The car manufacturer also pledged self-driving systems by 2020 which meant that no one would be injured or killed. Samuelsson reported that distracted driving caused 90 percent of accidents.

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