A Smartphone Application That Can Contribute To Cancer Cure Research, The DreamLab App

Smartphone Application for Cancer Cure

A new smartphone application, which is aimed to contribute to the ever-growing cancer cure research, has been launched. The DreamLab app, developed by a telecommunications company, Vodafone and Imperial College London, is an application that is designed for use at night when your smartphone is charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

The app works by cutting down massive calculations and turning them into smaller, more manageable sums so that a smartphone could efficiently process such data. A network of smartphones will analyze the lower data.

It was developed at Imperial College’s Department of Surgery and Cancer by Dr. Kirill Veselkov with his team.

The application is part of a project named DRUGS (Drug Repositioning Using Grids of Smartphones). According to the team, they believe that through the approach, it will lessen the time for calculations. They cited that with a standard eight-core computer running 24 hours would take 300 years to process data.

Dr. Veselkov said that they are generating huge volumes of health data every day, but only a fraction is used. He also said that the app could help them make better use of existing drugs and find more effective combinations of drugs tailored to patients, which could improve treatments.

Vodafone said that the mobile data used by their customers from downloading the app would not go to their monthly allowance. For those using other networks, however, it will count towards their monthly allowance. The company advised that one should make sure the app is used at night while connected to a stable Wi-Fi network.

The app is available for download on the Apple App Store and Android Google Play.

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