UKAT – Eli Global Funding: To Build More Facilities And Increase Staffing To Cater More Patients

UKAT Eli Global Funding

The 2013 statistics by the Mental Health Foundation revealed 8.2 million cases diagnosed with anxiety. For generalized anxiety cases, there is a one-week prevalence, or 6.6 percent diagnosed cases in England alone, with women most likely to be diagnosed compared to men.

Depression, on the other hand, leads as one of the significant concern for young individuals, with 19.7 percent diagnosed cases affecting age groups from 16 and above. Depression is the second most driver for disability.

Regarding addiction cases, Cannabis top as the most used drug in the UK with 11.3 percent users based on the 2017 data. The increasing number of mental health and addiction cases in the UK pose a significant demand for quality care and treatment.

UKAT or the UK Addiction Treatment Group, a specialized treatment facility for either substance, process, or behavioral types of mental and addiction cases receives 180 patients on average per month. As per the press release passed by treatment center, the demand for addiction and psychological health-related treatments outweighed the capacity of providing services to residential rehabilitation, detoxification, and other treatment.

Recently, UKAT received significant investment funding from Eli Global, an independent American group of companies. The investment received enables UKAT to operate independently cater more public and private patients diagnosed with addiction and behavioral cases.

Claire Havey, the PR representative from UKAT, discussed several avenues the investment will be used for. As per the discussion, parts of the funding will be used to expand and acquire more rehabilitation centers to cater to more patients that need assistance. Further, UKAT plans on increasing its staffing to provide more jobs in the healthcare and addiction field.

Regarding extending its reach in further developing and increasing the awareness towards addiction, Havey added: “It’s also about us being able to lobby Public Health England more so that the awareness of addiction and the negative stigma that is still associated with addiction is broken down and eliminated.”

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