[Review] The Queens Project Is The Best Web Series I’ve Ever Seen

Photo: Screenshot from The Queens Project/Youtube

With gay-inspired stories like Call Me By Your Name and Love, Simon receiving high acceptance rate from the big screen to international viewers, more LGBTQ centered mini-series and short stories flocked the internet with exceptional timelines and cinematography. And, with the world openly accepts the vibrant universe of the LGBTQ community, these mini “gay” web series enables you to explore, in details, the phenomena happening to their lives.

I recently came across a comedy web series called The Queens Project, and I’ve never had this much of anticipation for short stories. On a personal note, I’m not a huge fan of such setting because sometimes, I just don’t see and understand the arts behind it. But, The Queens Project opened my mind to possibilities. And yes, I’ve enjoyed it as much as the people in the comment section.

The Queens Project is a story about two best buds who moved to Queens, New York in search of achieving their dreams as broadway superstars. But, due to the lack of talent, the odds were never in their favor.

One can relate to every character in the story. From Ash who can’t express his affection to Trey who’s the perfect partner, we wish still exists. The Queens Project mixed and matched comedic sense and real-life scenarios.

It is rare to find stories you can relate on a personal level and take away valuable lessons about friendship, determination, and love. If I compare The Queens Project from the other web series, I’ve watched from Dekko and Youtube, this one standout 100 percent. Aside from the technical aspects, the series made it comfortable to watch.

I recommend The Queens Project to everyone who seeks laughter and chill vibe. As Ken Arpino says, the creator of the series, he welcomes you to his mind.

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