Ocean Action Campaign Calls For Volunteers To Achieve Sustainable Future

Ocean Actions Campaign

The whole world celebrated the World Oceans Day to honor the oceans that connect us all. In celebration to the event, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), together with its partners, launched a global campaign to invite people in volunteering to take action and push more commitments for the Sustainable Development Goal 14: Life Below Water.

The new campaign aims to engage more volunteers across the world to promote local actions and initiatives to #SaveOurOcean and push for more commitments on SDG 14. Ambassador Olof Skoog, the Permanent Representative of Sweden to the United Nations, said that the campaign would start on minimizing the use of single-use plastics and challenge others to do the same.

The SDG 14 objectives are to conserve and sustain the use of the oceans, other bodies of water, and global marine resources for SDG 18. In the report of the Secretary-General, “Progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals” for the 2017 progress, impacts of climate change, overfishing, and marine pollution are putting risks in the recent gains in protecting portions of the world’s oceans.

In response, Ocean Action’s principal objectives are to enhance the implementation of existing voluntary commitments pledged at the 2017 Ocean Conference and increased its number to help achieve SDG 14. The reports say that there are already 1,400 registered voluntary commitments from governments, companies, academia, multilateral, local communities, and civil society organizations.

“We also want to emphasize that the importance of fulfilling voluntary commitments made during the Ocean Conference last year. And I would also like to highlight that the list is not closed. There is still an opportunity for stakeholders to announce pledges on the protection of our oceans, and what better day to do so than the Ocean Day?” Ambassador Skoog said.

The Ocean Action Hub has currently a global membership of over 315,000 participants. The ability of the humanity to fully understand the critical role of oceans for humans and the planet together with the power of human action will be the key to achieve a sustainable future.

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