Here’s Why It Is The Perfect Time To Adopt A Cat

Adopt A Cat Now

The Kitten Season, where thousands of newborn kittens, join the millions of cats already in shelters across the United States. The American Humane encourages pet lovers to rescue a cat from the shelters or a rescue group, in honor of the Adopt-a-Cat Month.

In partnership with Zoetis Petcare, a U.S business unit of Zoetis urges Americans to consider adopting a cat as the feline population increases each year in animal shelters with cats and kittens who need home placements. The annual campaign is part of a broader effort by American Humane aiming to improve the well-being and health of cats by focusing on solving the unique challenges and issues they face.

American Humane reports that although cats have often been referred to as America’s “Most Popular Pet,” these creatures receive less veterinary care, have less research that focuses on their behavioral issues or individual health, and are more likely to be feral. Further, these animals are more likely to be euthanized than dogs.

To spread the campaign, American Humane will be educating netizens about Adopt-a-Cat Month on all social media platforms. The organization aims to showcase the powerful bond that humans have with their cats. Content like cat adoption checklists, tips for owners dealing with unruly cat behavior, entertaining videos, and interviews with animal shelter employees will be shared.

The American Humane has been conducting research to identify “barriers” to cat adoption and retention, as well as other welfare issues.

Due to the surge of homeless kittens that needs a home for this month, there is a considerable possibility that shelters and rescue groups may waive, or at least reduce their adopting fee. The American Humane released a “Top 10 Checklist” for Americans considering adopting a cat.

Further, the organization calls for help to educate, raise awareness, and inform others about the campaign. Inquire at any animal shelter or rescue organizations about posters or flyers you’re allowed to put up or hand out. You can also directly share the campaign on your social media accounts. This way, the project would be able to reach more people who indeed may be interested in adopting cats.

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