A Major Mobilization For Global Climate Movement Will Take Place This September

Major Mobilization for Climate Change

Before the big event, Global Climate Action Summit, thousands of people in cities and towns around the world will take part in the Rise for Climate mobilizations on and around September 8 to send a clear message to governments about what the people’s will.

This September 12 to 14, GCAS, hosted by California Governor, Jerry Brown, will be attended by cities, states, businesses and civil society from around the world. The Summit has invited every mayor, governor, and business leader across the globe to make a “bold climate commitment to help reach the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement.”

It is intended to be a moment of celebration of the extraordinary achievement of cities, states, and countries around the world concerning climate action and a launchpad of deeper worldwide commitments.

The Rise for Climate Mobilizations will set the bar for the Summit by demonstrating what the global commitments need to look like by challenging governments to accelerate the progress to a fast and fair transition to 100 percent renewable energy for all while putting an immediate end to all fossil fuel projects.

The Rise for Climate plans to have rallied in cities and towns across the world to demand local leaders, whether they’re attending the Summit or not, building a fossil free world.

Due to the increased production of fossil fuel companies, the world is at its critical juncture, “at a historic crossroads, on a fast-heating planet.” As fossil fuel companies continue to be on the rise, the world continues to suffer on the impacts of climate change.

The consequences can be seen as stronger hurricanes, floods, droughts, and polluted air are happening. The Rise for Climate is urging us, from small communities, together, to take action.

The mobilization is supported by diverse groups representing faith, justice, youth, and labor. “Tens of thousands taking to the streets of San Francisco, USA; a continental day of action in Australia, several events planned across the Pacific islands and Africa including local renewable energy summits, actions across major European cities with a major march planned in Portugal and a flagship event in Kiev, Ukraine; creative actions in Latin America and virtual marches planned in East Asia,” are the notable actions included.

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