Solving Rohingyan Refugees Malnutrition, France Contribution Did Wonders

France Contributes in solving malnutrition

Nearly one million Rohingya refugees are living in Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh, fleeing violence and persecution in Myanmar, creating one of the world’s most significant humanitarian crisis.

The refugees, especially children, living in the settlements are suffering from malnutrition and anemia. France is taking action in supporting ‘life-saving’ nutrition activities for Rohingya refugees by contributing €400,000 to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP).

An estimated 905,000 refugees are settling in Cox’s Bazar. The event is not only the fastest-growing refugee crisis globally, but the concentration of refugees in Cox’s Bazar is also now the densest in the world. Refugees arriving in the district mostly are children and women severely injured, traumatized, and hungry.

The United Nations CERF has allocated $19 million to support relief efforts for the refugees especially the most vulnerable ones, but more funding is needed to address the outstanding needs of all 1.3 million refugees in Bangladesh.

WFP provides supplementary nutritious food to almost 163,000 to children under five and nursing women in Cox’s Bazar settlements. With France’s contribution that is more than $490,000, more than 5,000 children under five and nursing women living in Cox’s Bazar will benefit from the nutrition program.

“The nutrition situation in the camps remains critical. [The situation] is of particular concern for young children, nursing mothers, and pregnant women. France’s contribution will help us address this situation,” WFP Bangladesh Country Director Christa Räder said.

The support given by France will be used to help prevent and address moderate acute malnutrition among children and nursing mothers in Cox’s Bazar. WFP will provide “SuperCereal,” a fortified, nutritious porridge, along with training on good nutrition practices.

France had previously given its support to the nutrition program, contributing €300.000 in 2017. Marie-Annick Bourdin, Ambassador of France to Bangladesh said that they appreciate the enormous positive impact of France’s past contribution, hoping that its 2018 support will further benefit both Rohingya refugees and local communities.

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