Fight Mental Illness By Donating For Free

Donate For Free

Rethink, an organization that supports and helps patients with mental illness is teaming up with My Favourite Voucher Codes in their charity poll in the hopes of winning a free donation. Netizens across the globe could donate for free by voting for Rethink. If they secure the most votes, they will win a contribution of 20 percent of the profits for May 2018.

My Favorite Voucher Codes is a website that offers various discount codes, promo codes, and free delivery offers of the biggest retailers. With every purchase, they give 20 percent of their profits to different charity every month. Rethink is running for the spot along with the other two charities.

Rethink provide support to patients diagnosed with mental illness in some ways, including through their 150 support groups across the UK and 200 mental health services. These groups offer expert advice and information to everyone affected by mental illness. Furthermore, Rethink facilitate campaigns locally for policy change and for providing support that people need. They believe that mental illness can affect people in many aspects of life. Therefore they also cover financial issues, housing, and employment through their services.

You can help the organization by raising funds or by directly donating. Health and local authorities are funding Rethink’s services. To earn financial support, the organization also raise money by applying to grant-making bodies and asking people to donate. One way is through My Favorite Voucher Codes which gives people across the world the power to help the organization by donating for free.

Rethink believes that there are over 200 forms of mental illness and every person is affected in any way. Therefore, the organization aims to have a variety of resources available to support. With your donation, they could reach numerous people asking for help and even invest services for people affected by mental illness.

Mental illness is an underrated disease today, and those who are affected by it needs to be assisted and addressed immediately. Rethink is making this possible for all patients diagnosed with mental illness. By giving your free vote to Rethink, this way, you are a catalyst for change by helping to fight discrimination.

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